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  1. B

    XB-E batteries!?!?

    Can i upgrade my (2) stock Hexfly 3900 Lipo 11.1V 25c's on my Redcat Rampage XB-E for (2) Turnigy 5.0 (5000mah) 2 cell 7.4v??? I noticed that it says above in the thread that it will fry the servos, but the Redcat Hexfly upgrade sheet lists a HX-580030C-BV2, 5800mah, 30C, 7.4v lipo battery as an...
  2. C

    Battery modifications

    I have a chimera and the battery is a pain to get to is there a way I can splice and solder to put the connector outside the box to charge that way or is it a bad idea please list potential hazards and or concerns with doing this I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. WoodiE

    Contest GIVEAWAY: Killer RC Kill Switch & LiFe batt, 8,000 RPM Clutch, and Bearing Kit

    RedcatRampageForum.com, thanks to Killer RC and FastEddyBearings, is giving away a kill switch, LiFe battery, 8k RPM clutch, and a bearing kit which will be given away among FOUR lucky winners! GIVEAWAY: Prizes! Killer RC 2,300mAh LiFe TX/RX battery HPI 8,000 RPM Clutch! Redcat bearing kit of...
  4. G-Man

    Using 7.4v. Lipo with flysky rx

    Hey Rampage MT guys. Do any of you use a Flysky it4s transmitter and receiver? I have one and want to use a 7.4v lipo to power the rx. Anybody use this setup? Seems my hitec steering servos don't like the 6v nimh hump pack. Thanks
  5. G-Man

    Excessive battery draw on MT when steering

    I have had my MT for a few months now and have replaced the throttle servo due to it failing with a hitec. I am now experiencing the rx battery going low at 1/2-3/4 tank making my tx warn me when steering only. The voltage will be 6.11v turn the steering and it drops to 4.2v. I used to get...
  6. H

    XT battery upgrade

    I have a build post going on in the projects section. About to order some new servos and im not sure what battery to get. What do you guys think? upgrading to 5645mg and 5765mh...
  7. C

    MT battery charge port

    I've seen this done before so I decided to post my version of it. I cut a notch in the battery case, slid in a deans plug and glued it in place. I the. Modified a standard servo case over it shoo gued that in. Only thing left is attaching the servo bottom cover (hinged) and ensure its water...
  8. M

    How many amps does the Battery draw when charging?

    Just wondering because I have 2 batteries I need to plug in and was wondering if they can be plugged in the same outlet (15 amp) to charge at the same time.
  9. P

    Upgrade battery for xt

    Need recommendation for battery pack. Plan on adding led lights. Any suggestions
  10. M

    How to charge battery without removing it from compartment?

    Anyone know the best way to charge the battery while its still in the compartment to avoid having to keep taking out those allen bolts? Also, anyone know how long the battery lasts? Should I have a back up?
  11. Y

    Quick Question related to the 6V 5000mah Receiver Battery?

    Hi Guys, I feel a bit stupid to ask this question but hey, I need to know! There are 2 plugs on this Ni-MH Battery although I always used the "bigger plug" with the white or clear plastic tip (I think its Futaba but not sure) to connect to the charger. I have a new Imax B6 charger but there's...
  12. Y

    Question about three types of batteries?

    Hi guys, I have a question related to three types of batteries I have: (Ni-MH, Nicad & Lipo). If I know that I will be a while without using these batteries, what would be the proper measure in order to preserve them? Any suggestions? As for the battery #1 & #2, I was told to slowly...
  13. 1

    Q. Battery for high voltage servos

    I just purchased all high voltage servos for my Rampage MT. Throttle: SV-0220MG Steering: Dual HS-5765MH Question: Am I better off with a 5000mah Nimh 6v or a 4200mah 2S Lipo? I need to buy a charger regardless. I know the servos will run a little bit slower with 6v, but any other things...
  14. I

    LifePo4 battery

    Is there any LifePo4 battery, that fits in MT receiver box?
  15. R

    can i use lipo pack with

    can i use a small 3000mah lipo pack to run my stock steering servo? or will it burn it up?
  16. M

    Venom Battery stock charger "TIME"

    Hey guys quick question , just got a Venom 6V 5000mAh 5-Cell . How long will it take to fully charge with the factory Redcat charger ?
  17. R

    DDM battery pack

    Will the DDM 5000 mah battery pack plug into the existing harness in a rampage MTV3? or what about this one?
  18. D

    Battery Pack Info

    What r the specs and type of the stock batt pack... Looks like 5 cells... Is it NIMH and how many MAH...
  19. designed2survive

    HS5645MG throttle servo and 7.4v Lipo

    Hi guys, I have a non High Voltage HS 5645MG throttle servo. What's the way around if I want to use it with the Killer RC 7.4v lipo rx battery? Thanks!
  20. Ice_2k

    Increase battery voltage?

    Hi guys, I understand the stock battery in 1/5 redcats is a 6V. I noticed that a lot of servos have a specific torque rating for 6V and a significantly larger one (usually +25%) for 7.4V. So, the obvious question is: has anyone upgraded their redcat to 7.4V? Does the Rx support it? How about...