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rampage mt

  1. RcGuy420

    Car Wont move under Load

    Hey guys. I have a new issue, The car will not move when under throttle. It sounds like it wants to move, but does not move. I pulled the gear cover off, and noticed that the shaft that connects around GEAR A (see image) just spins and the gear does not move.. I have not yet torn it apart...
  2. Petrolheadz100

    DDM Dominator pipe touch side of body .....

    What can be used to insulate the pipe from touching the side of the body and melting it? What are you guys using? I really don't want to cut a hole in the body....
  3. G-Man

    Single Steering Servo

    What's up guys. I have modded my MT to single servo steering awhile back. Initially I used the Spektrum s9020 at 7.4v. After stripping the top gearset three times, I finally got annoyed enough to try something new to me in this MT. I have tried probably four different combinations now. So I have...
  4. Petrolheadz100

    Steering link hitting diffcase when turning right?

    Besides shaving down the link is there another way to correct this turning issue on the steering link hitting the diffcase ? Redcat definately dropped the ball on this one? This cuts steering to the right by about 40% co pared to left turning. Anyone else have this issue ?
  5. R

    Is it a clutch issue or gear issue? (Redcat Rampage MT)

    Hello All! I want to thank you in advance for taking a moment in reading on the issue that I'm having! I have a RedCat Rampage MT that once every few months I play with. Just recently, I successfully started the truck with a single pull and as usual gave it about three minutes to warm up...
  6. P

    Gas vs Electric Receiver for Rampage MT?

    This should be a quick answer im hoping but is there a difference between a receiver thats used in gas rc vehicles vs receiver thats supposed to be used in an electric rc vehicle??? Im asking becaudse I took out a Futaba 304SB receiver from one of my electric rc vehicles and want to use it in...
  7. Petrolheadz100

    Hitec d845 for single servo steering?

    At 6v the Hitec D845 servo puts out over 550oz torque. Anyone using one and know if it bolts in with no modification?
  8. Impalassman

    Rampage MT leaking gas out of grommet.

    Is there some place I can buy a tank grommet for my MT without buying a whole new tank? I have my tank vented so the snappy RC grommet has 3 holes in it i need a stock replacement (or better)?
  9. S

    Servos go crazy when engine go high rpm

    Hi everyone, I have a rampage mt and was working just fine until I start to have problems controlling the truck. When the engine is off every servos work just fine, but when I take off and goes more than 8000 rpm steering servos go to the right or don’t work uncontrollable. What can be? Thank...
  10. RcGuy420

    How does my tune sound?

    Is this tuned good?
  11. Dusty

    Died mid run and won’t restart

    so I was running my MT is a grass field and it died on the return run to me . It wasn’t the kill switch shut down for low voltage (first run sense recharge too) . I have a motorcycle vent on cap but cracked it just for the heck of checking . Brought it home and pulled the plug to check for spark...
  12. Petrolheadz100

    Whats the model carbureter of out stock rampages?

    Trying to find a spare carb online but cant tell what model it is. On the bottom of my CARB it says walbro WT 1194 but that shows nothing online? Whats a good choice carb to have for better performance or just as a spare.....nothing wrong with the stock just curious.
  13. M

    Intermittent Spark

    I have not been able to get my Rampage MT, which I purchased less than a month ago, to run the last couple days. When pulling the cord, the motor does not even pop like it is trying to start. The spark plug was pulled and grounded to the engine block to check for spark. The first 3/4 pulls I did...
  14. P

    Rampage MT Pro (Throttle Servo Issue)

    Hello All agaain Im new toi the site Ive had two MT Pros so far. I had to return the first one for not starting. The second one I weoulsd return if I didnt want to go htru all teh hassle so Im trying to stick it out and try to get this brand new vehicl to run right. I replaced the steering and...
  15. Impalassman

    My Rampage MT wont start for breakin

    Got everything ready and upgraded to all aluminum. Cranked on it and it doesn't fire. Plug was wet but I took out the plug and can't see any fire jumping the gap while cranking on it . but if touching the roll cage while cranking it i got a ill jolt. Help please and thanks. Sincerely Johnny
  16. P

    Carburetor Settings Question (Idle Screw)

    Hello Im new to this forum and this is my second post. I know theres info out there but i cant seem to find specific info on what Im asking. I have a Walbro 668 carb and having trouble getting it tuned to run right. I believe my settings are out of whack for the needles including the IDLE. My...
  17. RcGuy420

    First things to do on new Rampage MT?

    Hey guys, I just got myself a MT, and I was wondering what are the first things i should do? Proper Break-in? What is the proper fuel/oil mixture? Someone told me 25:1 and to use VP RACE Fuel 25:1 mix, is that good?
  18. P

    Couple problems with new Rampage MT

    Hello Im new to this forum and Redcat MT PRO but Im not new to 5th scale gas vehicles. Ive had nothing but problems with this truck from stock tuned pipe braking, servos broke, roll cage broke, drive pins falling out (loctite), etc. Redcat has been sending me parts since I got the vehicle. this...
  19. G-Man

    Rampage MT A Little Pep In Step

    What's up Guys. After having the Zenoah g320 stock engine in the MT for a year and a half I decided I wanted to add a little pep to its step. I bought a race ported head and piston kit from ESP for it. Should hear it run this Saturday for the break in process. I'm excited for sure!!
  20. Petrolheadz100

    Rampage MT Pro vs MT V3

    What is the majoe difference between the V3 and pro that theres a 450.00 price difference?