Rampage MT Pro (Throttle Servo Issue)


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Hello All agaain Im new toi the site

Ive had two MT Pros so far. I had to return the first one for not starting. The second one I weoulsd return if I didnt want to go htru all teh hassle so Im trying to stick it out and try to get this brand new vehicl to run right. I replaced the steering and throttle servo with Spektrum s9020 steering and Savox 0230 for the throttle.

The original servo scared me because it kept glitching and locking mostly in WOT so I swapped it out. Now the same problem is happening. I will e entually get a killswitch but that doesn't answer\fix the problem of whats going on with the throttle servo. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? Could it be that cheap receiver that comes with the rampage?

Much appreciated.

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