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rampage mt

  1. G-Man

    Rampage MT Brakes

    What's up guys? Been fooling around with my MT trying to get decent brakes from it. I have adjusted the grubscrews to tighten up the discs and it helped some, but still not what it should be. So I cut myself a piece of fuel tubing the size of the stock spring on the brake linkage to take the...
  2. M

    Rampage MT, Motor Issues, Please Help

    The Rampage MT is my first 1/5 scale gas car I have bought. I am using the Castor 927 oil and for the break in, I mixed the oil to gas at 20:1 per the instructions in the manual. I went through a total of 6 heat cycles (roughly 20-25 minutes, going through a half tank of fuel each time) with no...
  3. Dusty

    Shock bump stop / good idea on MT or not

    so I have shock socks coming on Monday . And was wondering people’s thoughts on the addition of bump stops to the shocks sense I’ll already have them removed & if so what is the best measurement for the tubing to still get the most travel from the suspension without the truck bottoming out
  4. M

    Rampage MT - Pin in rear dogbone

    I recently purchased my Rampage MT about a week and a half ago. After break in, my first hard run, the pin in the rear dog bone, didn’t just come it, it literally sheared in half. I went around all 4 tires and used blue loctite on all pines. I ran the car a second time and on one of the tires...
  5. J

    Rear aluminum hub carriers

    Hello everyone, I tore my MT down this weekend and rebuilt the front and rear with all aluminum Components. Front is all back together and I have the back 3/4 of the way done, the problem I’m having is I popped the rear inner and outter hub bearings out, but they do not pop back into the...
  6. T

    Better Jetpro exhaust alternative?

    I have a rear jetpro for my Rampage MT, is there another pipe that gives more power that the jetpro pipe? I have the rest covered.
  7. C

    Truck locked up

    I just bought a new rampage mt. I just started it up first time. Into my second tank of gas for the break in and my truck locked up... motor is running fine revving up good and the truck won't move. Seems either the breaks locked up. I looked at the dog bones coming from the motor it looked...
  8. T

    Self leveling MT while being air born...

    That's what we need because I'm not coordinated enough in my hands to work the brake while mid air. A self leveling mechanism would be great, then we can jump higher and longer and always land on all fours.
  9. T

    Anyone felt they were doing something wrong riding their MT?

    Like if you find a location with a bunch of dirt jumps, people ride by and stare, sometimes makes me feel like I'm riding a dirt bike illegally and waiting for the Police to arrive. I'd be like... " Im not running from you Officer, my Truck is". Unless they are watching , amazed at the power...
  10. J

    Aftermarket wheels/tires for rampage mt

    hello everyone, my question revolves around my MT, I want to change the wheels and tires on it, I’d like to stay aggresssive with the tread pattern but just shred some of the weight of the stock setup. Is there anything out there that will bolt right on and if not what modifications need to be...
  11. T

    Red Cat Rampage MT left front Steering Knuckle

    Anyone know where I can buy just one steering knuckle for this Machine?
  12. T

    Rampage MT fenders?

    My rampage mt caught fire when grass got under the engine plastic does anybody make fenders or a higher frame to block out some of the debris? I have a screen over the pullstart too.
  13. westsiderkg

    part #3 clutch mt v3 pls?

    Hi guys. Well I ordered replacements on ebay from China but apparently the wrong ones as they don't fit. Could someone who already replaced them please let me know the proper redcat part #? Thank you.
  14. Petrolheadz100

    Chimera parts compatability with xb and mt??

    Are the parts for the XB and the Mt compatible with chimera? I have been trying to find parts and have not had any luck only parts for the m m t and x b
  15. G-Man

    Rampage MT Servo Upgrades

    What's up Guys. I am going through My MT rebuilding the diffs and putting aluminum housings in. Anyways. While I had it apart I decided to try a different throttle servo from what I had been using. I will explain My setup. I am using one Spektrum S9020 steering servo and a Savox 1210mg throttle...
  16. T

    Rampage MT steering

    Hey guys, Got my Rampage MT, made it single serving with the single serving saver set up. There is a lot of slack in the steering, is this normal? Servo save is tight and both nuts are tight on the rod connecting the wheels together (maybe tie rod?) It keeps me from getting a good alignment with...
  17. rustyracing181

    super bee kill swich on stock Rampage MT v3

    Got my New super bee kill switch, Quick question, I have the Rampage MT v3. It come with a 2ch Trans but a 3ch receiver. It has dual steering servos via slitter cable out of ch1. throttle is out of ch2. I have ordered new 4 ch Radio gear but in the mean time want to run the motor in. My...
  18. Strait jacket

    Rampage MT belt drive

    Has anyone one else tried the belt drive conversion ? I have it on my mt. Its very quiet. No chatter from loud gears. It works great.
  19. Strait jacket

    I had it wrapped

  20. edl

    Futaba help

    I took my receiver battery out of my Rampage MT V3 to charge it, after charging complete I reinstalled it, turned on the radio (Futaba 4PLS) and throttle brake and steering where all reversed, radio batteries good, did I loose some memory somewhere, also the killer bee switch was beeping...