rampage mt

  1. T

    2 speed transmission

    Just bought a rampage mt and I want more speed this is my first gas truck. I have been doing research trying to find how to get more power. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what transmission will fit that 2 speed and what upgrades are best where is the best place to order parts.. I...
  2. G-Man

    Rampage MT with Slicks

    Bought some slicks for my MT. Honestly I've only ran this truck a half dozen times on road in the three years of owning it. So I figured if give it a go. This is a belt driven Zenoah g320 with an ESP race ported head and piston kit on it. 990 carb, angled shred stack ddm aluminum insulator and a...
  3. CornFed427

    32cc Rampage MT v3

    Hi guys new to the page. New to fuel rc. Just picked up my first and i got the mt with the 32cc. Has few upgrades but like everything else needs more. Lol My question is what motor is this. Name brand wize i guess. Every were i look it seems there all basically same interchangeable parts. But...
  4. R

    Rampage MT Electric Conversion

    Hi all new to the Forum just purchased a rampage mt roller want to make it electric need help with a conversion kit yes i know kershaw is not an option who else could i purchase this from or who can make me one love the forum alot of knowledge here thanks for the help if any....
  5. G-Man

    Rampage MT-E Brushless

    What's up guys. I bought an electric MT roller. It had the Kershaw motor mount without electronics in it. I completely stripped it down and began rebuild. I put a Castle XLX esc and a 2028 motor, Futaba radio system, Hitec d845wp steering servo, and SMC 7400 mah 4s lipos, aluminum diff housings...
  6. J

    Proline badland mx43

    Have found a great deal on a complete set of Proline Badland mx43's. I also have the Ramtech wheel adapters. How would this hook up on the XT platform? Any mods? Or pretty much a direct fit?
  7. Jmbtow

    Rampage mt axles

    What are the strongest axles available for the rampage mt? I keep snapping axles after I installed an after market ddm exhaust any info is appreciated!!!!
  8. Wolfdog

    Rampage MT will not start, please help

    I have tried everything I know to do and from what I have read on here as well. Plug gap is correct and it’s firing , all fuel lines are clear and gas flowing. It absolutely will not hit a lick. Two strokes ain’t that hard , what am I missing?
  9. P

    Weird Brake Problem

    Having fun with the BEASt but ever so often I get no brakes. Not sure what it is. the problem is intermittent and makes no sense. It goes from working fine to barely no brakes at all. Is it possible theres brake fade? Or the brakes pad/plates getting too hot and not engaging? So when i take...
  10. M

    Rampage mt5 clutch gone bad

    Just bought rampage mt 15th used Pretty good condition Story is I bent the rear wishbone so I had to take the engine out to replace it Upon taking engine out I noticed clutch shoes were completely gone Ordered some new ones. And put everything back together I understand how a Centrifugal...
  11. T

    Does anyone make a aluminum diff gear carrier for the Rampage MT?

    Hey, does anyone make a aluminum diff gear carrier for the Mt? I have the aluminum case. Second question the front went together perfect but the rear I can't get the gear mesh right in the aluminum housing does anyone remember what shims they used ? It rolls okay then hits a rough spot with all...
  12. Slater__boner

    4 stoke motor swap for Rampage MT?

    Is there a motor that just runs on normal pump gas?
  13. O

    Lighter wheels and tires for rampage mtv3

    Wanting to get a lighter tire and wheel for rampage mtv3 any one have any suggestions thanks
  14. Dobber72

    New to me Redcat Rampage MT

    Traded my gen 7 pro today for this MT,I think I may of got the better end of the deal.Now I can test it out against my XT.
  15. RcGuy420

    Car Wont move under Load

    Hey guys. I have a new issue, The car will not move when under throttle. It sounds like it wants to move, but does not move. I pulled the gear cover off, and noticed that the shaft that connects around GEAR A (see image) just spins and the gear does not move.. I have not yet torn it apart...
  16. Petrolheadz100

    DDM Dominator pipe touch side of body .....

    What can be used to insulate the pipe from touching the side of the body and melting it? What are you guys using? I really don't want to cut a hole in the body....
  17. G-Man

    Single Steering Servo

    What's up guys. I have modded my MT to single servo steering awhile back. Initially I used the Spektrum s9020 at 7.4v. After stripping the top gearset three times, I finally got annoyed enough to try something new to me in this MT. I have tried probably four different combinations now. So I have...
  18. Petrolheadz100

    Steering link hitting diffcase when turning right?

    Besides shaving down the link is there another way to correct this turning issue on the steering link hitting the diffcase ? Redcat definately dropped the ball on this one? This cuts steering to the right by about 40% co pared to left turning. Anyone else have this issue ?
  19. R

    Is it a clutch issue or gear issue? (Redcat Rampage MT)

    Hello All! I want to thank you in advance for taking a moment in reading on the issue that I'm having! I have a RedCat Rampage MT that once every few months I play with. Just recently, I successfully started the truck with a single pull and as usual gave it about three minutes to warm up...
  20. P

    Gas vs Electric Receiver for Rampage MT?

    This should be a quick answer im hoping but is there a difference between a receiver thats used in gas rc vehicles vs receiver thats supposed to be used in an electric rc vehicle??? Im asking becaudse I took out a Futaba 304SB receiver from one of my electric rc vehicles and want to use it in...