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rampage mt

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    Cloach's MT

    CY .30 lightly ported lightened flywheel tall intake 813 carb Vertigo vented clutch housing 8k clutch spring Jetpro super pipe aluminum c hub carriers aluminum steering knuckles aluminum rear hub carriers aluminum cage Black flex seal frame, plates, cage etc Candy orange XMaxx body
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    MT battery charge port

    I've seen this done before so I decided to post my version of it. I cut a notch in the battery case, slid in a deans plug and glued it in place. I the. Modified a standard servo case over it shoo gued that in. Only thing left is attaching the servo bottom cover (hinged) and ensure its water...
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    Tire balancing 101 (stock MT tires)

    Quick question. For those of you running the stock tire/wheel set up, how much weight has it took to balance a tire? My first tire I've put about 1.5-2 ounces. Still working on the second tire but nut much difference.
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    Mt belt drive

    Hi does anybody no the part no on the belt drive and the number of teeth on each pulley thanks
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    32cc 2 bolt head?

    In need of one, I have checked everywhere and everybody is out of stock!? I broke off a exhaust bolt on my current, was able to drill it out, but damaged the threads. Was able to thread a nut on, but would like a new head before I bolt on my new exhaust. Where are they?
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    rampage mt servos

    does anybody kno of better steering servos that will fit in my rampage mt pro v3. both of the stock one quit after break in. I'm looking for a direct fit ones so I don't need to drill holes or anything like that. any info would be great and thankyou
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    100 yard time trials for Rampage MT

    Anyone interested in 100 yard time trials on video? 2 cones- dead stop start to a running finish. Put a stopwatch in the foreground. Sound like fun?
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    MT PRO ATV Video

    Check this out. Not much but you can see it tearing it up a little at the local ball field. http://youtu.be/UmpK9F6IlfQ
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    Mt pro atv

    Here's another video of it rippin it up a little for the first time. Needs a little tuning but otherwise doin good. http://youtu.be/UmpK9F6IlfQ
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    MT Pro Hummer

    Put this together this winter too!