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  1. P

    XT upgrades

    Darin just announced the upgrades for the XT and XB is in and will be available either Mon. or Tues. just went and checked and it's not online yet. Can't wait to get my hands on those bad boys then I won't have to pamper my XT when I'm bashing :D
  2. M

    Upgrade Rampage Battery

    Ok guys. Looking at these better batteries I see an issue. My stock battery has a very small 2 pin connector that plugs into the on / off switch. Then from the switch to receiver. Typical no big deal right. The non-stock batteries have a larger 3 pin connector. (looks like only 2 pins are used...
  3. T

    NEW XT First Upgrade Q's

    Hi I was wondering what other upgrades i should do first ?? I will be adding a DDM Dominator Pipe and was curious if just a jet kit is available or whats The first Upgrades you guys/gals have done on your Rampages ? Also what are the BEST Performance Mods other than tuned pipe ??? Thanks...
  4. O

    XB-E upgrade

    Well, I got the parts in. Try to get it put together this weekend. I had to remount the front battery box's 1717 70.00 5100 ma batteries 115.00 each Connecters 12.00 boots 20.00 Stock radio and servo is working fine. I think I'll get...
  5. bbuzzard

    F290 Upgrade

    Does a CY F290 sound like a good upgrade vs. a Zen? I see there are issues with the Zen clutch housing mount position. Any input is appreciated...
  6. 4

    Servo upgrades

    What would be good servo upgrades for my XT steering and throttle? I have a Spektrum DX3S RS3300T receiver. Please anyone thanks.
  7. J

    What upgrades are needed right from the start with XB

    Hey everybody I should be getting my XB by Friday I hope I was just going through some of the post and saw their are a couple of upgrades people are suggesting like servos and failsafes what am I gonna need and where should I go online to find them
  8. 98cruiser

    What is the best bang for my buck on upgraded waterproof servo???

    Im looking to change all servos, I want water proof servos, don't know much about them, which ones are the best bang for my buck and fits right in
  9. I

    Stock 23cc Engine upgrade

    I have a stock 23cc fuelie engine that's been setting in my shelf for 2yrs since I replaced it with GP290. I want to utilize that engine by upgrading it. If anybody here tried or have an idea on upgrading it with a big bore kit, what could be the possible biggest kit that can fit perfectly to...
  10. 98cruiser

    Is This Upgrade Kti Really Worth It?????????

    hI I keep seeing this upgrade kit, is it really worth buying, I see the price seems good, but for example, the lower control arms in the kit. is it the same, they don't seem to be aluminum??? what is your opinion people??? http://www.vancouverhobbies.com/raupkit.html
  11. R

    Upgrades question

    hi, im looking to upgrade my rampage with some aluminum parts, i was hoping to keep everything blue, and the only upper front arms i can find, are orange, i found some blue upper rear arms. So i was wondering if they are like the same part, they look the exact same, but in the manual they have...
  12. R

    Will this upgrade part with with the Rampage?

    hi, the guy im getting my rampage mt from told me the plastic steering servo arm has broken on him a few times, so i should upgrade to an alloy one. So i was just wondering if this one would work. thanks. http://www.vancouverhobbies.com/05alstsearm.html