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What is the best bang for my buck on upgraded waterproof servo???


Im looking to change all servos, I want water proof servos, don't know much about them, which ones are the best bang for my buck and fits right in


New Jersey
No need for "water proof" IMO. Buy the Hitech servos, and if you'd like to you can waterproof 'em yourself. Just go to you youtube and search


the best thing you can do is mod them.

ballons with orings/silicone is one way.

another good way is to take the servo bottom cover off, and fill the whole area with dielectric grease. dielectric grease is non condusive, and water cant get in to a fillded cavity. use orings and/or silicont around the screws, case seams, and drive gear.

i only did this in two stock traxxasssss servos. didnt pose any notable issues right up till the crap ass servos shit out.


I cut/pasted that from another forum - but it gives you an idea.


Just get your servos and buy a can of plasti dip in the spray can you can get it in clear just put a couple coats on them and you can't even tell it's there the stuff works great I thought about spraying the whole car haha just kidding

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