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  1. D

    Suggestions on decent steering servos?

    New to 1/5 scale and looking for suggestions on a decent steering servo.
  2. M

    Looking to get new carb and air filter

    New to the hobby! Want to get new carb and air filter for stock engine... don't know if the walbro1107 will work... also redcat has a walbro on their website under part number 9908... is this worth it?... also what about filters will work with this carb? Definitely getting a jet pro pipe... so...
  3. S

    Does the HY32cc fit in a Rampage XR Rally?

    Will the hy32cc engine fit my Redcat rampage XR rally?
  4. O

    Lighter wheels and tires for rampage mtv3

    Wanting to get a lighter tire and wheel for rampage mtv3 any one have any suggestions thanks
  5. T

    Better Jetpro exhaust alternative?

    I have a rear jetpro for my Rampage MT, is there another pipe that gives more power that the jetpro pipe? I have the rest covered.
  6. G-Man

    Dunerunner Shock Upgrade

    Been wanting to upgrade the shocks on my DR for awhile now. Thought I'd like the piggyback pro shocks redcat offers on there, but was concerned about clearance using the jetpro pipe. What I did is mount the shock with the reservoir to the inside rather than the outside. Seems to have plenty of...
  7. J

    Aftermarket wheels/tires for rampage mt

    hello everyone, my question revolves around my MT, I want to change the wheels and tires on it, I’d like to stay aggresssive with the tread pattern but just shred some of the weight of the stock setup. Is there anything out there that will bolt right on and if not what modifications need to be...
  8. T

    Rampage MT fenders?

    My rampage mt caught fire when grass got under the engine plastic does anybody make fenders or a higher frame to block out some of the debris? I have a screen over the pullstart too.
  9. Dupp

    WT-990 carb upgrade plus more

    Hello everyone! New member here. I've searched through many sources and excuse me if I missed one but I'm having some problems with my new rampage MT. Bought it used, started in 3 pulls.. drove great. Rained for like 30 days so i started to upgrade Lol redcat air filter, ddm pipe, 8k spring...
  10. Petrolheadz100

    Recommended steering servo for Chimera

    Looking to see what my options are for a upgraded steering servo from the stock hex fly that will screw right in with no mods
  11. Madaphacker

    How to make Rampage XT faster?

    Hi, I'm new about the 1/5 scale gas. Is there an upgrade to make it fast without putting bigger motor?
  12. G-Man

    Rampage MT Servo Upgrades

    What's up Guys. I am going through My MT rebuilding the diffs and putting aluminum housings in. Anyways. While I had it apart I decided to try a different throttle servo from what I had been using. I will explain My setup. I am using one Spektrum S9020 steering servo and a Savox 1210mg throttle...
  13. Strait jacket

    Rampage MT belt drive

    Has anyone one else tried the belt drive conversion ? I have it on my mt. Its very quiet. No chatter from loud gears. It works great.
  14. JPark

    XB-E motor

    Hey guys....... I just got an XB-E a few weeks ago and have done some upgrades. I have a Max5 esc with 8s 120C lipo batteries with 11T pinion, stock 980kv motor and stock 41 spur. I placed an order with 7075RC for a motor mount, 44 and 48 spur gears. My question is, what size motor is everyone...
  15. westsiderkg

    Wanted to share my winter build list with others, especially those new to 5th scale - Enjoy :)

    Hi Folks, First off thank you all! I could NEVER have gotten to this point w/o the forum!!! G-man in particular took the time to address allot of my questions. Greatly appreciate your patience! To help others I wanted to pause for a moment and share my winter build list in a consolidated...
  16. H

    Rampage XBE motor mount options?

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for information on motor mounts for the Rampage XBE. I noticed Kershawdesigns.com is down for good, I saw the 7075RC motor mounts but are there any others out there? I have a leopard 5692 waiting to be installed :) PS - General question, what are...
  17. edl

    transmitter upgrade

    Thinking of upgrading transmitter and receiver my 2 choices are Spektrum or Futaba 4 channel, do servos need to match or can you mix? I have a killer bee switch installed and heard some people say killer bee not compatible with Spektrum any thoughts? Thanks
  18. C

    Good carb upgrade for Rampage MT?

    what's a good carb to run the rampage mt with the DDM tuned pipe or can it run with the stock carb
  19. B

    Recommended servo upgrades for Rampage XT?

    the throttle servo failed on me this weekend.i think it is time to upgrade.what do you guys think for both throttle and steering servo upgrades.i have a futaba s3003 on the shelf that I can use till I get a better one,i don't think the s3003 is a very strong servo for the truck.any suggestions...
  20. hulkmaxx

    chimera aluminum upgrades?

    What aluminum upgrades do you guys recommend for the chimera? See alot of guys running aluminum arms. Don't want alot of bling just dependable parts.