Rebuild of a Redcat Rampage XT


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Hey everybody, giving you all an update on project rebuild. I am taking my REDCAT RAMPAGE XT and putting it thru some new upgrades. Upgrade #1, am buying TWO bodys, 1, the RED redcat truck body, transforming it into, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE TRUCK. Upgrade #2, I am building a BACK THE BLUE TRUCK using the blue, black, and grey body, which is going to have a police light bar kit, plus TWO flags, ONE IS THE BACK THE BLUE STRIPE FLAG, THE OTHER IS THE GO OL AMERICAN FLAG. It will also have POLICE BADGES AROUND IT, the doors hood and bed of the truck. I am also changing out the tires, and putting tires that would normally go on a HPI BAJA 5T, which is the PROLINE BOWTIE TIRES ON DESPERADO BLACK RIMS. I will DEFINITELY post pictures of this rebuild, when I am done getting the truck back together.

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