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rampage xt

  1. A

    Rampage XT diff only has 2 spider gears!

    I took my diff apart and only fund 2 of the spider gears vs 4 were there different versions for the xt or does the mt give you 4 ?
  2. J

    Rampage XT diff mount bearings

    Does anyone happen to know the sizes of the dif mount set bearings? Got an order from Boca bearings and I'm missing those particular bearings. Thanks
  3. mdknightrider

    Rebuild of a Redcat Rampage XT

    Hey everybody, giving you all an update on project rebuild. I am taking my REDCAT RAMPAGE XT and putting it thru some new upgrades. Upgrade #1, am buying TWO bodys, 1, the RED redcat truck body, transforming it into, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE TRUCK. Upgrade #2, I am building a BACK THE BLUE TRUCK using...
  4. H

    Bigger Xt Wheels without conversion

    Are there any wheels to fit the xt I need bigger wheels..somebody help me out..I don't want to bother with converting.
  5. F

    Never will buy redcat again. Truck won't even run Brand new

    $200 on trying to get it running and never drove the truck
  6. Dobber72

    Makeover for my Xt

    Finally got my new body painted,had a few mess ups on it but other than that it turned out the way I wanted it too.I went with the rear mount Jetpro pipe and man did it make my little motor come alive even with my new wheels and tires set up it pulls harded than with my old pipe.
  7. H

    Getting myself a new Rampage XT!

    Getting a used year old xt today needs about $50 in front end parts. Cant wait to tinker, trading my tmaxx and a ps4 i never use. Anyone know where t get longer bed bodies?
  8. Madaphacker

    How to make Rampage XT faster?

    Hi, I'm new about the 1/5 scale gas. Is there an upgrade to make it fast without putting bigger motor?
  9. L

    Engine won't stay running

    Hey all. Need some help. I just bought a rampage xt and after a few minutes of running it bogs out and doesn' want to move. Give it gas and it died. Then takes several minutes to restart.
  10. Dobber72

    Best belt drive for Rampage XT

    I've been looking at belt drives on eBay and everything I've found has been in German or some other language,I was wondering if anyone on here knows which belt drive would be the best for a rampage xt with a 8000 rpm clutch?If anyone has any info I'd sure appreciate it.Thank you and have a great...
  11. Brimor

    Idle problem

    Hi, I am having trouble with my used rampage xt I just bought. When I start it up it idles at wot. The person I got it from had a lipo battery in it. Would that have made the stock servo go bad? I've tried to adjust the idle and reposition the servo horn but no luck. Feels like servo horn may be...
  12. M

    Rampage xt gear issue

    Hello. I just got my rampage xt and I went outside yesterday to run the second tank. While running it around it decided to stop wanting to move. I let it cool down and took the gear cover off to see if I see an issue. I noticed the bell house spins and the nut that goes through the first gear...
  13. Shane

    Swapping A B Gears?

    Hey guys had anybody tried swapping the A B Gears? Is there more top end?
  14. C

    Who's Using Hitec Steering Servos? - Help

    Just picked up a HS 5765MH from local hobby shop for steering in my XT. I noticed the horn post (splines) on the hitec servo is smaller than the post on the stock servo. Therefore the linkage on the truck is too big for the post on the hitec servo. This was an out of box special, so all I got...
  15. Mikemike

    Redcat Rampage xt

    Does anybody know if there is any other body options for the Rampage XT??? I love the truck look but i just want to see what else there may be out there if any options at all. Maybe even a buggy body??
  16. R

    Will Hitec HS-5645 MG fit my Rampage XT?

    Hello, will the Hitec HS-5645 MG fit my Rampage XT? Will the stock remote work? Can someone recommend a good steering servo as well? Sorry for all the questions. Just bought my truck 3 weeks ago... Cheers.
  17. B

    Recommended servo upgrades for Rampage XT?

    the throttle servo failed on me this weekend.i think it is time to upgrade.what do you guys think for both throttle and steering servo upgrades.i have a futaba s3003 on the shelf that I can use till I get a better one,i don't think the s3003 is a very strong servo for the truck.any suggestions...
  18. hulkmaxx

    Will Walbro 990 carb work on Rampage XT?

    Hey guys new to forum but not really RC. Question is anyone running the Walbro 990 carb? Is it direct bolt on? I know there's no choke. Was told it was direct bolt on no prob with linkage etc. Was told that's best carb for these engines. I've ordered a Walbro 668 also just in case. The stock...
  19. C

    Can I run the Rampage XT as a 2 wheel drive?

    Can I run this thing 2 wheel drive just by tacking out the front drive shaft it keeps braking the wheel hub
  20. Brimor


    Hey guys, was wondering what exhaust options I have for mt rampage xt.