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  1. mdknightrider

    Rebuild of a Redcat Rampage XT

    Hey everybody, giving you all an update on project rebuild. I am taking my REDCAT RAMPAGE XT and putting it thru some new upgrades. Upgrade #1, am buying TWO bodys, 1, the RED redcat truck body, transforming it into, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE TRUCK. Upgrade #2, I am building a BACK THE BLUE TRUCK using...
  2. G-Man

    Dunerunner Rebuild

    I just bought a used Dunerunner and it needs some serious TLC. I have the Rampage MT and see a lot of the same parts. The stock engine may go on this rebuild. Wondering what engine is best suited? I am thinking about the Zenoah g290rc or the g320rc. I am making this my budget build so I will...
  3. S

    Slimneill MT

    I guess I'll finally start a build thread. Things I've done so far: First got the Rampage MT and couldn't get it running properly so I installed: 1- Replaced stock busted carb (never worked right from new) with Walbro WT-990 2- Installed Killer RC Super Bee Fail safe. Must have! 3- Installed...
  4. REVOlutionary Rampage

    My MT Update

    Hi Guys I've been busy with college, so I don't have as much time to mess with my trucks as I did before. Currently my MT is currently sidelined with a broken upper shock mount, courtesy of hitting a tree at near full throttle after a on/off switch issue. My 1/8th an 1/10th scale stuff needs new...
  5. John Blaze

    420 Chimera build continues

    This beast has been an ongoing project but its finally finishing up I think. I took some pics during the build and thought I should share the ups and downs that occurred during the process of trying to build a race worthy Chimera using 7075rc parts for durability.
  6. H

    ramage xt rebuild

    I havnt been around much...figured id would dust off the xt as I broke a dif cup last summer. just hadnt gotten around to fixing it. You know how it goes once you start ripping it apart you figure you might as well upgrade some other parts. JD
  7. N

    xt front end rebuild

    Hey everyone, I got a little careless and crashed my xt. Some of my front end is shot but I was wondering if there is a complete rebuild kit for my front end. I mean for the steering and all that. Please let me know because I want to get this thing back out there. This RC is really fun...
  8. C

    8s redcat dunrunner build

    well i really liked what a buddy of mine did with his dunrunner and i seen a killer deal on a brand new one on craigslist so i got it and started to build it. this is it untouched this is next to the rampage as a slider as you can see it is a lot longer lol
  9. P

    Another Chimera Build

    I bought a new Chimera and before even running it I decided to upgrade some parts. My current parts list is as follows. 7075rc Items Front and Rear shock towers. Front and Rear Diff Housings. Gear plate (Closed not open style) And lay shaft. 7075rc Chassis. (Waiting for it to show up.) Other...
  10. J

    stock engine build up

    dose anyone have any good info on getting more out of the stock 30cc engine. I tried to look around online for some tips to get more out of these engines but are quite vague. I used to be big on nitro but tired of all the tuning. but their was lots of little things you could do to get some...
  11. Ice_2k

    Yet another DuneRunner :)

    Hey guys, I just got my DR a couple of weeks ago and today I got some parts for it and I'm gonna get busy :) I intend to install the performance upgrades one at a time and do some testing and measurements to see exactly how much each one does. If you have any suggestions, fire away :)
  12. R

    Project Blackout: Brushless Conversion

    Since seeing a few of these on YouTube, and with how much I like this truck in its petrol form I knew that I had to have one so I've bought all the major components over the last few months and decided to do a build thread to track my progress. So the plan is.... Take one of these...
  13. J

    Dunerunner BlingRunner Upgrade Build Complete! (for now......)

    Just wanted to share my Dunerunner build. Swapped out a lot of parts to make her more durable. Cost me an arm and a leg. But she sure does look the part now. Short of the 2 Speed I didn't have money left over for, Im pretty much done with her. Let me know what you guys think! List of mods...
  14. T

    7075rc build

    Got a little work done this morning will post more tomorrow. So far got the front diff cleaned nasty stuff out and put 7000 diff oil and got the rear cleaned out and put in 5000 oil
  15. S

    My 5b Build Project

    Sup. You can all checkout my 5b build here: http://www.hpibajaforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=148263 Enjoy
  16. V

    Rebuild a pull starter?

    I have an xb and the pull starter wasn't engaging the flywheel, I opened it up to find the "teeth" where rounded they look to be nylon or plastic. Is it possible to replace just that part or assembly? For now I squared up the tooth with a hacksaw blade, but that will not last. If not I was...
  17. P

    My DR Build: Project Z

    Hey guys, new to the forum, definitely not RC. This is my second gasser, first was a King Motors Baja 5B, ran amazing but finances forced me to sell. Would have bought another one, but couldn't find any in stock, and then I saw the DR and I was sold. 4wd Buggy = AWESOME!! So far this is what...
  18. G

    XBE-Rally Rebuild

    I got bored so I thought I'd do a rebuild on my XBE. I've been drool'n over the the other builds. While I'm waiting on my modified XB chassis, I thought I'd start on the XBE. I wanted to try some different motor/esc options anyway. I picked up the 7075RC chassis. Thought this was a good place...
  19. K

    SOLD / FOUND Revival of the Obeast build

    Ok guys. I can't run this truck anymore (noise issue) So it is for sale now. Redcat xt 7075rc: Chassis Front and rear diff housing Rear bearing holders Front c-hubs and bearing holders Steering rack Custom length rear chassis insert (redcat mt rear shaft) and extended. Rear...
  20. B

    BBB's 7075rc xbe build up

    Got the box yesterday