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Finally broke the engine bolt loose LITERALLY!


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I do agree, loktite is a mess. I use Hylomar.
Here is a huge help also. The long screws that hold the diff cases together- get a can of crc electronic cleaner- the automotive area @ walmart.Wet a shop cloth with it- spin the bolt and clean the it very well- Then using the same method, apply Sil-Glyde lubricating compound. Just leave a thin film on the bolts-- No more popping noises as you remove and reinstall the bolts- Just do not overtighten. Dave in Ephrata, wa told you all this trick!


I no this is old post.but my two motor hex head bolts striped.do they just srew into the moter flywheel shroud or all the way into the motor? I just need to get the shroud off to hook up my killer rc kill switch.

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