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  1. CornFed427

    32cc Rampage MT v3

    Hi guys new to the page. New to fuel rc. Just picked up my first and i got the mt with the 32cc. Has few upgrades but like everything else needs more. Lol My question is what motor is this. Name brand wize i guess. Every were i look it seems there all basically same interchangeable parts. But...
  2. J

    Fuel keeps getting cut off

    I just finished my engine break-in, now if I go WOT the engine will cut off (basically like a normal car engine cut off). What is the cause of this? Thanks!
  3. ZRC

    Motor locked up!

    Hating my first gas RC already. Dang motor didn't even make it through break-in cycles. Took motor apart and found wrist pin needle bearing broke in pieces. :-(
  4. D

    My Rampage XB will rev up but won't move

    I'm having so issue my car will crank rev up but wont move no where.
  5. Wolfdog

    Rampage MT will not start, please help

    I have tried everything I know to do and from what I have read on here as well. Plug gap is correct and it’s firing , all fuel lines are clear and gas flowing. It absolutely will not hit a lick. Two strokes ain’t that hard , what am I missing?
  6. S

    Does the HY32cc fit in a Rampage XR Rally?

    Will the hy32cc engine fit my Redcat rampage XR rally?
  7. Slater__boner

    4 stoke motor swap for Rampage MT?

    Is there a motor that just runs on normal pump gas?
  8. Petrolheadz100

    CY 29cc engine feedback....

    My stock engine 30cc crankcase fan cover area has a crack where it covers the flywheel..instead of going through the hastle of finding what crankcase cover fits these engines im going to sell it and was planning on getting the cy29cc engine that puts out 3.5hp like my stock does. Anyone have any...
  9. RcGuy420

    How does my tune sound?

    Is this tuned good?
  10. Impalassman

    My Rampage MT wont start for breakin

    Got everything ready and upgraded to all aluminum. Cranked on it and it doesn't fire. Plug was wet but I took out the plug and can't see any fire jumping the gap while cranking on it . but if touching the roll cage while cranking it i got a ill jolt. Help please and thanks. Sincerely Johnny
  11. Petrolheadz100

    Piston ring question?

    Taking a look inside my engine and I'm noticing that the Piston Ring does not look black like it does when you buy it new is this normal?
  12. M

    Rampage MT, Motor Issues, Please Help

    The Rampage MT is my first 1/5 scale gas car I have bought. I am using the Castor 927 oil and for the break in, I mixed the oil to gas at 20:1 per the instructions in the manual. I went through a total of 6 heat cycles (roughly 20-25 minutes, going through a half tank of fuel each time) with no...
  13. Brimor

    Idle problem

    Hi, I am having trouble with my used rampage xt I just bought. When I start it up it idles at wot. The person I got it from had a lipo battery in it. Would that have made the stock servo go bad? I've tried to adjust the idle and reposition the servo horn but no luck. Feels like servo horn may be...
  14. T

    O'Neill brothers Engine question

    What HP engine would you think to be the max to run safely? What is the best engine maker? I always go overboard and would like to have the largest engine with the most torque right off the bat rather than run...upgrade....run....upgrade. I want to do it right the first time but I don't want to...
  15. S

    Putting a rc-max 70cc in a MT

    Does anyone if a RC-Max 70cc will fit in my Redcat Rampage MT?
  16. B

    Engine lube for storage?

    Hey all. So, there's times where I won't use my Rampage MT for like a month or 2 or 3... Sometimes I use it like every 3, 4 days. Anyway, is there some type of storage lube for the engine that should be dropped in or is there something special I should be doing other than running it out of...
  17. MTKelley

    Flooded engine Deflood engine proper way

    best way clear flooded 2 stroke 5th scale: take the 2 screws out that hold the airbox and carb on and put carb to side without even taking any linkage off just let hang to the side, then with carb off simply pull the starter 3-6 times until it fires it, it will start and increase rpm but won't...
  18. Haroldbee

    Help! My engine won't engage drivetrain

    HELP! MY ENGINE WON'T ENGAGE DRIVE-TRAIN! All of a sudden, after a few hours of amazing running, at amazing speeds, my Redcat Rampage, with new Zenoah engine slowed and stopped. From that point throttle application stopped moving the car, and then the engine stopped, and became difficult to...
  19. Haroldbee

    Zenoah installation tip

    My new Rampage XR came with a defective RedCat engine, and, in the end, I bought a new ZENOAH G290RC engine. BE AWARE that the air filter that comes with this engine, DOES NOT FIT the Rampage XR chassis; the length of it comes in conflict with the throttle linkage. THE SOLUTION: Take off that...
  20. edl

    Engines differences?

    What's the difference between CY and HY engines?