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Dunerunner wont move


Junior Member
Ok don't no what the issue is but the car wont move it accelerates but wont move. If i pick the car up it takes off like a bandit in the air. This duberunner has had maybe 2 gallons of gas ran thru its still in brand new condition. I recently had it apart to drill holes for the futaba servo mount an put everything back together. It worked fine until i did the uograde an help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Active Member
Did you do anything to the clutch area? Sounds like your clutch is not engaging. That would be the first thing I would check.


Well-Known Member
USA, Baltimore, MD
Check the grub screws on your drivetrain. They will definitely come loose if you havent given it a loctite treatment. A big culprit for this on the dunerunner is the grub screw on the first way diff shaft. Also check all grub screws on your tranny gears.

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