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  1. N

    Dunerunner wont move

    Ok don't no what the issue is but the car wont move it accelerates but wont move. If i pick the car up it takes off like a bandit in the air. This duberunner has had maybe 2 gallons of gas ran thru its still in brand new condition. I recently had it apart to drill holes for the futaba servo mount...
  2. Impalassman

    Dunerunner chassis

    I ordered a new MT chassis and they sent a dunerunner instead anyone interested in a DR chassis new in the package.
  3. G-Man

    Dunerunner Shock Upgrade

    Been wanting to upgrade the shocks on my DR for awhile now. Thought I'd like the piggyback pro shocks redcat offers on there, but was concerned about clearance using the jetpro pipe. What I did is mount the shock with the reservoir to the inside rather than the outside. Seems to have plenty of...
  4. N

    Rovan clone dominator pipe

    ok need some advice this clone ddm dominator pipe doesn't fit if you put it on the right way. You have to take the whole rear rollcage off. But if you turn the pipe upside down it fits without having to remove rear rollcage so the my question is is it safe to run it with the pipe upside down will...
  5. J

    New to fifth scale...

    Hi guys, So I just recently bought my first fifth scale(been in hobby over 15 years) lol and first redcat for that matter the dunerunner. Honestly it looks like an awesome machine but have not run it yet honestly I'm a little nervous to run it until I get my dynamite kill switch tomarrow...
  6. G-Man

    Dunerunner Rebuild

    I just bought a used Dunerunner and it needs some serious TLC. I have the Rampage MT and see a lot of the same parts. The stock engine may go on this rebuild. Wondering what engine is best suited? I am thinking about the Zenoah g290rc or the g320rc. I am making this my budget build so I will...
  7. SmokinToad

    Rampage TT body on a Rampage MT

    i have a rampage mt v3 with some upgrades. Walbro 990, K&N air filter, velocity stack, prefilter, pullstart filter, dominator pipe, stern cnc belt drive, and Shock covers. Im looking for a TT body. i also want to know if the dunerunner wing mount is the same wing mount for the TT. Im not...
  8. Giff44

    Dunerunner wont start

    I took my dunerunner mudding the other day and ran through some water and what not. So i shut it down after doing al of that and now kt will not start to save my life. Its got compression. It sure smells like its getting fuel and its got spark. Anyone got some tips or ideas.
  9. J

    Jumping the dunerunner

    I have a dunerunner and found somewhere to do some small jumps. This thing nose dives terrible. It even will do it if I keep the throttle pegged. I'm sure the gears will not like that either. Anyone else have this problem or know how to help it out.
  10. J

    Air cleaner for Dunerunner

    Looking on getting a new air cleaner. Looking on people's thoughts on types and or what to get. Please give some info on why the one you pick is better than others.
  11. Giff44

    New to RC Scene

    Im very green to this RC stuff. I got a crack deal on a Dunerunner and I'm curious as to what sites and what to look for as upgrades. Its a completely stock car. I would like to get better acceleration on it and I'm curious as to the best exhaust for the best price.
  12. B

    Won't move

    It won't move
  13. R

    Looking into getting a xb or dunerunner

    What you all think any input or advice on the two thanks.
  14. B


    I bought one of these long blocks a while ago and have used parts off my HY30 motor and cant get it started... has anyone got any idea why its not working? thanks guys
  15. T

    My DunerRunner Converted Xb-E

    Enviado desde mi Nexus 6P mediante Tapatalk
  16. V

    Throttle servo 7.4v

    Hi, I want to upgrade to 2s lipo battery and I want to upgrade the throttle servo that can take 7.4v what servo should I get for direct fit? Thanks
  17. B

    rear toe out, toe in

    my rear toe in is too far, not sure if possible to change the toe... but does anybosy know how to change this because i would like my wheels to be straight its quite frustrating if anyone knows how please explain cheers
  18. M

    Proline tires puzzled

    I got the proline bowtie tires for my dunerunner. The tires did not fit my rim so I got the matching rims for the tires. Now the rim doesn't match my wheel mounts on my dunerunner,the proline rims hex is bigger than my dunerunners wheel hex mount. I tried looking online for the right wheel mount...
  19. B

    rovan tuned pipe

    I was wondering if any one knew if this rovan pipe fits the dune runner? http://m.ebay.com/itm/Rovan-1-5-High-Performance-Tuned-Pipe-Exhaust-Fits-HPI-Baja-5B-5T-SS-King-Motor-/261991393648?nav=SEARCH
  20. M

    Tuning issues

    My dunerunner 32 cc is not running right I messed with needles and now need to reset to factory settings