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Anyone with 1/5th in the inland empire know where there’s a track or anything?


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Alright found the the problem thanks to you guys the gear all the way to the right next to the breaks one of the two grub screw were missing ? but somehow found an extra lying around here and she back! Just put the 24 mm adapters with the Losi wheels seems way quicker and more nim B6F175CF-6B86-49E1-BEBE-E9F674EDBCD6.jpeg ble then with the big mt wheels


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Spokane is Washington state bud. Lol
Awesome you got it going , bash away man .


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yea, amtrack has had a cross country run for ages-- its called the empire builder.-- here is a can o worms-- i NEVER use a plug stopper tool. never ever. and i NEVER twist on crank shafts -- installing- removing clutchparts- or flywheels. Large scale r-c has a dynamite branded clutch tool- part # DYNT1240.-- The flywheel nut? it takes 11 ft lbs. I use a metal automobile strap wrench use for removing oil filters on larger engines-- like the ph8a on ford v-8- in this case- a decent 3/8" clicker style torque wrench is fine-- Agan, its a free country- i see big shops using plug stoppers-twisting on crankshafts often-- whatever floats yer boat man-- happy 4th coming up to all--

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