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  1. D

    Rampage XTE Gearing + Tires help

    Hi All, I super new here and judging by the title I have an XTE, but don't see much electric motor activity here - but I'll take a chance! Trying to gear-down the XTE I believe it has a 41T Spur & 11T pinion, and I know I can get an 9T pinion, but I also want to increase the tooth count on the...
  2. Chaplain

    Best way to start engine with kill switch

    What is the best way to start a rampage motor with a Killer RC power start on it.?
  3. S

    Engine trouble

    So I'm having a crazy time with the rampage engine... It will not start with the pipe installed!! If I remove it , it fires RIT up...If I attempted to install it will on it automatically shuts off. Any ideas what's going on? Any info helps