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Rampage XTE Gearing + Tires help


New Member
Hi All,

I super new here and judging by the title I have an XTE, but don't see much electric motor activity here - but I'll take a chance! Trying to gear-down the XTE I believe it has a 41T Spur & 11T pinion, and I know I can get an 9T pinion, but I also want to increase the tooth count on the spur as well and wondered where you suggest I'll find a metal one that fits the Rampage XTE, I can purchase?

Also I need to change the monster tires (17mm) hex I believe to a smooth street tire (for the purpose of turing the XTE into a smooth video platform, along with gear-down), however I've looked all over the internet for a 1/5 smooth or street tire with NO luck!

Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance!

JP aka Digigumball

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