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Too much fifth scale fun, costly?


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Having too much fifth scale rc fun, can be hazardous to your wallet. The other day I was on a parking lot, ripping with my Redcat Rampage XR converted to a truck. I was having so much fun, I lost my senses: I wasn't thinking of the battery drain on my TX and RX.

Suddenly my gasser took off. I hit the off button on my transmitter, expecting the vehicle to brake and the Dynamite kill switch to shut the engine off. No such luck. Instead the throttle servo locked to full throttle. I hit the dedicated kill-switch button on my transmitter. The engine cut out a millisecond before the truck SLAMMED at top speed into a concrete barrier: TOTALLED. Having too much fifth scale RC fun, can be hazardous to your wallet. 20180120_100035-1.jpg


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A KillerRC kill switch would have. ;)

Lesson learned, costly yes.
Costly yes. I'm currently awaiting replacement parts, chassis and much of the frontal parts.
Interesting thing is, I was checking the responses between shutting down and hitting the dedicated third-channel button for the Dynamite kill switch. I turned on the TX and then the RX. I pressed the kill-switch button on the TX. The red l.e.d came on, simulating the engine being on, and running. I hit the 'off button' on the TX. There was a pause before the red light came off. Then I reset the red light, and pressed the dedicated kill-switch button on my transmitter: the red light shut off immediately. If you're saying that with the KILLER RC killswitch, the red light (engine) would have cut out immediately after turning off the transmitter, I'm sure as hell going to get one.
Thanks. PEACE!

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