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RTR's ??? No such thing !!!


New Member
I've been reading a lot of horror stories about buyers remorse after purchasing an $850+ Rampage. First of all if you are not familiar with the RC world that's half of your problem right there. I have had owned an FG 1/5 scale truck for many years. For those of you who are not familiar with FG racing they're a German company. Everyone that knows anything at all about Germany knows they're very meticulous about any of their mechanical work no matter what it is. In any event when I purchased my RTR-FG Truck (as soon as I received it) I had a tube of 242 loctite waiting on it........reason being I don't and never did trust anyone's assembly on RC's but my own. Especially when most workers who put RTR's together usually get paid by the unit....... therefore the more units they complete the more money they make. This is where "you" come in at. If you receive "any" RTR and just "assume" the piece worker did his or her job on it and you don't go through it with a fine tooth comb then don't come on this forum complaining about the high dollar so called "anchor" you wasted your money on when it was your own fault for trusting a piece worker. They don't care about how well they put units together......all they care about is showing a so called "finished" product.......and you can't really hold the company responsible for buying cheap parts. They're not in business to lose money so quite naturally you're going to end up with some undesirable parts which is why they make aftermarket parts.

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