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Senior Member
New Hampshire
Any opinions on the 1/8 monsoon truggy?

What is the max battery size/ and top speed?

Will it handle reasonable jumps/racing/bashing without breaking?


Fresno, CA
I have a Monsoon XTE, I bash it quite often...

Ton's of differential spider gear issues, even with shimming and etc I found it to be a pain. I hardened a set of gears (red hot, dip in oil method) and shimmed and had no issues after.

I updated all axles to CVD's, aluminum rear knuckles... really no big issues with the car until I put my large tires on, killed my stock 1750kv 4pole.

Currently in limbo about putting a good set up in it, or just slap a 1900kv 550 can in it again geared low to keep the temps down. The stock 80amp ESC can't really handle it, so may slap a 120a Hobbyking junker in it to get it by. With the large tires and a locked center dif I had no issues backflipping over doubles though...

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Mandaluyong City
I'm receiving one soon off a swap deal and will do an MT conversion.

Thanks for the tips!

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