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Engine model #?


New Member
I have a Redcat Rampage, (I think 2.0) certainly 6 or more years old. Anyone know what motor came in these, can't find so far on my own.

I took motor out as died on me last winter running in the snow (this is what I mainly use for) but figured was all plugged up at air filter and it's a lot of wide open. Installed a new gas tank and lines then sat for most the summer, went to finally use again and started right up but before warmed up died. Maybe ran > 10 seconds and then wouldn't start again. Seemed to be turning over too easy. Did a compression check when go home and was nothing but I think that gauge is junk (I still need to check it on a know working engine) . I pulled motor apart and nothing super bad, just a bit of scuffing. Seen a part number on the bottom of motor on a tag but had gunk on it, went to wipe the junk off and the lettering whipped of with it, grrr!

Anyways I know it is a 2 bolt head but not sure CC. I am pretty sure the 3.0 are 4 bolt motors and I think this is a CY but any help would be great. At very least need a gasket set and a carb cleaning but likely a ring or top end which are cheap enough.

I will see if can do the math to figure out cc's also and test that gauge but figure would get a post started as sure many people know more about these trucks thank myself.

Thanks and Regards,


New Member
1. Well found the old recoil cover and says 30cc fuelie but the English is so bad on it I am going to call that a guess at best.
2. Tested the compression tester and worked fine on my chainsaw. Still could have leaked at adapter as that didn't need on and had 2 on when tested the RC engine but was like 5-10lbs or basically none. Base gasket ripped on removal but now think of it shouldn't matter on top end so maybe I should compression test again.
3. Cleaned carb, no apparent issues there
4. Measured bore and stroke but math didn't come out to 30cc exactly of course.
I had piston diameter of 35.60mm (I don't have that small internal metric micrometer and using verneir caliper on bottoms not at all accurate but call it 36mm bore if the bore say was in good shape. Then stroke of 28.06 but call it 28mm and comes out to about 28.5cc

I am going to call that motor a CY29 and hope for the best!


New Member
I seen an ad for the Fuelie 30cc that shows the engine model number as HY301266

I seen another ad with the Rampage MT v2 that says has a Gas 23cc CY

IDK but if but a new Rampage MT v3 that is not the same motor, it's a 4 bolt HY 32cc so must be a v2
- I would say that ad is wrong

So most other findings says is HY motor and that make most sense.

DDM says sells fuelie part as CY parts
So confusing!!!

I emailed DDM, maybe they know what works as would need to order from them anyways but so far not reply from them

It's not worth buying a whole new motor for really so I might just sell for parts or shelf it
if can't get decent info, have enough other hobbies but it's pretty unfortunate!

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