DDM Zenoah G340RC Stroker


Installed it on the Rampage MT about 2 weeks ago.Break in and running on Lucas Semi-Synthetic premix and premium gas at 25 to 1 and the MT tuned pipe,It;s on the Zenoah clutch and 14mm bolts and stock spring.I don't know what rpm the spring is but I will tell you this.This motor is a torque monster right off the hit.It pulled the Monster Claws HARD.I am very impressed with this over the stock MT fuelie motor which is now on my XT.I am now going to up the ratio with the 29/31 A B gears on the stock MT wheels and see what she has for speed.It comes right up on song with the XT,but kills it off the line.A word of caution here.It broke an outdrive cup shaft pronto doin donuts on the parking lot LOL!! I think it's an excellent investment.

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