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Wiierd electrical bug..


Junior Member
I have a strange issue with my xbe

when it begins to loose power it veers to the right and becomes undriveable

( and i mean 1/3 mins into a pack, not at cut off voltage )

I attempted to fix this with a bec circuit, but i have the exact same problem

and it doesn't seem to be draw related

when the car is still, but on low power the wheels point right a couple degrees

but at full power they're straight

only thing i can think of is somehow the servo isn't getting power, but how can that be? it has two regulated supplies now..

has anyone ever experienced this? cause i've owned at-least 10 rc's and never seen that behavior before..

any ideas throw em at me will ya, going a bit nuts atm.. :confused:


Junior Member
so i've replaced the servo, same issue

i swapped the receiver over to an ansman, same issue

the only component left is the speed controller, so i'm guessing it's damaged..

the car has been wet a couple times so it's possible the built in bec is glitching at certain voltages

when i think about it, adding the second bec did cause a gigantic spark, so i'm wondering if it wasn't just filling it's capacitors, but actively working against the speed control regulator

does anyone know if it's possible to entirely bypass the receiver box and hardwire a power supply to a servo? just leaving the signal wire and ground connected?

not sure that's electrically sound

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