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whos says 1/5 scales don't backflip?


went out for a bash session today... went with some guys that had some nice nitro stuff... i got this bug up my butt at the end of the day and started going ape shit on my ramp... decided to go straight up a hill with a fence at the top (decent transition) @ full speed......Hit the fence on the way up and

got about 10 feet of air while completing a near full backflip! totally awsome!...

too bad i didn't anticipate that kind of backward rotation or it might have landed more gracefully... since i wasnt on throttle the whole way i got about 85% rotation and landed on the front right a-arm.. busted it clean off.. BUT still landed on all 4's.... and drove away! (just back to my car though lol)

thats a backflip in my book! lmao :D


uhhhggg how depressing!... lmao... maybe ill try again with a video camera... don't count on it though lol....


New Member
I want to know how you stop these damn things from nose diving I've added weight to the back of mine and everything as soon as it comes off a jump it instantly nosedives

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