wheel hex adapters for xb-e


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hello everybody. made 8s conversion for my xb-e , bought wheel adapters http://kershawdesigns.com/Redcat-24mmHubs.htm (those for 10mm axles) for wheels with 24mm hexes. put x-maxx 200*100mm wheels and made ride.

the problem is that wheel adapters can not be fixed good on axles by grub screws(((( the x-maxx wheels so big for such tighten ways.

I think I should make holes for 3-4mm pins or buy axles with holes to fix wheel adapters good on axles. does somebody know whether 07409 Rear Wheel Axle http://www.rampageshop.com/store/p739/07409_%C2%A0Rear_Wheel_Axle.html and 07428 universal drive http://www.rampageshop.com/store/p726/07428_%C2%A0Universal_Drive_Joint.html for Rampage XR, XRE, Chimera SR, Chimera EP Pro are 10mm and compatible with xb-e?

I'm also interested whether somebody used parts from Rampage MT (axles 12mm, its big bearings, c-hubs+steering blocks, rear c-hubs etc.) ?
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wheel hex adapters for xb-e

You might want to try RAMTech adapters before you change your drivetrain. I make the Ramtech adapters with tight tolerances on the 10mm shaft, so they won't wobble and loosen the set screws. They also have the Chimera Pin style if you want to change to that type of drive.

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