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what bearings to buy for the redcat rampage xt


New Member
i got a redcat rampage xt used and i want to take it apart and put in all new bearings it it
i looked at manual and parts list and come uo with this
part 07159 19x10x5mm bearings
part 50068 22x10x7mm bearings
part 85763 16x8x5mm bearings

does this sound right and how many of each will i need to buy


Well-Known Member
Just make sure you find out what version you have before 2016 they were a V1 now they are a V2,on the V1 some of the bearings were smaller that’s why they changed them so I think fast eddy sells both version but it’s been over a year since I bought my kit,maybe he has both in one kit but I’m not sure,if your truck is a V2 the front spindle bearings will be 22x10 the V1 they were 19’s,hope that helps you!
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