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I got ya man didn’t mean any disrespect ,I didn’t know you had other 1/5 scales ,I was just tryin to help and ya I know the hey and cry are crap that’s why I said I would put a zenoah in it but I was just curious if the cy was better then the hy because I’ve heard that a bunch of times but have always wondered cause in my 1st truck the xt I have I put every power upgrade you could on it and I beat the shit out of it and it still runs strong and has the stock 30cc hy ,I think they are just hit or miss but I’m just waiting for it to go so I can throw a zenoah in it,and the wheel adapters,I have to get them for my XT,can I still get them that cheap?thanks for any help and once I’m done with mine I’ll throw up some pics ,I found a guy in California that makes complete cages for the XT’s I mean like he will make it look like a full cage like they run on those buggy’s with the big bores in them and I love that look and I could never find anyone who made them ,I was about to buy a little stick welder and make my own but he’s gonna make them and start producing them ,and after the xt he said he would work on the mt and so on,he will make 3 versions one to fit my truck with a side pipe,one for people with stock exhaust and one with people who have a rear exit like a jet pro which is freakin awesome but as soon as mine is done I’m gonna paint or prob powder coat it then I’ll post pics and his info,sorry for the book I wrote, lol
Wheel hexes https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/King-Motor-Rear-Wheel-24mm-Hex-Hubs-2-HPI-Baja-5B-2-0-Rovan-Buggy-Truck/351800094408?_trkparms=aid=111001&algo=REC.SEED&ao=1&asc=20160811114145&meid=39be5e30114f411e96e9555e392dfbf1&pid=100667&rk=1&rkt=8&sd=351800094408&itm=351800094408&pmt=0&noa=1&pg=2045573&_trksid=p2045573.c100667.m2042

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