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Volcano epx & epx pro


Junior Member
So Santa brought my son a Volcano EPX and a EPX Pro for myself. So far we are very happy with both of the trucks. I have been looking to upgrade the front bumpers to aluminum that sticks out far enough to protect the wheels. Does anyone know where I can find something like that? Also on 2 separate occasions now when I turn the esc on it just flashes red (no beeps just flashes) and I have no control from the remote. I did notice the light on the receiver in the truck does not come on. The first time it happened I waited a day the it all the sudden worked, the second time I just turned it on and off a few times then it started working. Any help is appreciated.


This is way late in a response, but check to see if your ESC is putting out the BEC power to your receiver. Someone might be able to use this info.

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