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volcan epx/ pro


Junior Member
ok so I have a problem with two of my trucks. First one is a reg volcano that I put a new esc and motor in. Now the truck is brushless and before you ask if its a motor and esc out of the volcano epx pro that i got from a friend who truck got eaten by his dog and only the motor and esc survived. Now here is the problem the dogbones keep popping out when I'm turning, this also going on with my volcano epx pro. So here is what i tried to do so far, i got Steel universal shaft off of amazon and now redact is sending me a new set of these. i feel bad but i would love to get both trucks up and running. So any info on how to stop my dog bones from slipping out and jacking up my car would so be awesome. And thanks for the help.


Senior Member
Tucson, Arizona
Try centering your dogbones by putting a piece of nitro fuel line in each cup, that should help. You can even use a few O-rings if you can find the right size.

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