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The XT - XB - XB-E Improvement Thread


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You can get adapters for the hpi wheels


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Chandler, AZ
And I sell the 24mm adapters. Redcat is an entry level truck, so they try and make the trucks as inexpensive as they can to keep costs down. If they used baja wheels and beadlocks, the price would go up and up.


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rickcrashers said:
I have purchased 2 redcat rampagext one has been fine, the other one lost a steering servo, redcat was prompt in replacing it under warranty, was very thankful of that. But after replacing it while at idle it suddenly went wide open throttle, ran and lucking flipped over, I ran it down turned engine off. Replace servo last week with only 2 tanks of fuel ran thru ran away again, this time damaged truck busted a lot of parts luckily no one was in front of it when it did this. My brother in law' new rampage xt did the same thing with only 1/2 gallon of fuel ran thru it. THEY NEED A REMOTE KILL SWITCH.. OR SOMETHING , I HAVE LOST AN NEW TRUCK DO TO THE RANDOM RUN AWAY. NOW I AM AFRAID TO RUN THE OTHER TRUCK. WOULD ALSO BE NICE TO HAVE 24MM HEX ON THE AXLES INSTEAD OF THE SQUARE ONE, TO BE ABLE TO USE BAJA WHEELS WITH BEADLOCK TIRES...Please note all three of the trucks are less than 1 month old. run fine great trucks, but ran away uncontrolled is dangerous . no alone expensive to fix damages done.. I will be out over 100 in hard parts not counting busted body..
Plain and simple: these things are not toys, as you probably know. A remote kill switch is an absolute must have on these heavy rigs. And a good one, that will kill the engine on demand and also in any abnormal situation, like loss of radio signal or dead battery.

That said, the factory electronics are a big POS, install new decent servos and radio, if you care a bit about safety, yours and of those who are close to you when running.

I did that before even starting the engine for the first time, and didn't had any problem since.


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yes your are right I should have purchased two kill switches but need to get other truck rebuild and upgrade radio system before I purchase that, I guess it will be a winter project. RedCat offered to let me send truck back and if they find why the runaway they would repair it but freight is to much to send back...

Will order another kill later maybe many more my friends have 4 more trucks.. may order a bunch...lol


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Possible changes I would recommend would be to wrap the steering link bar in fuel tubing and go to the hexed Front/Rear Diff input pinions/cups. The XT/XB/XBe ones are circular and it can put some serious strain on that set screw. Everything for me has been perfect. I have yet to break a CVD cup, but I do run my steering EPAs rather conservative. I will get some pics if needed Darin. :)

Could shrink wrap be used in place of the fuel hose...or is it the best thing for the job

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