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Discussion in 'Chassis & Drivetrain' started by Haroldbee, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Haroldbee

    Haroldbee Member

    May 25, 2017
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    There's nothing that can ruin your RC-DAY-OUT like that broken part that sends you home unfulfilled. Sad to say such days affect owners of Redcat Rampage gas vehicles from which bolts fall and parts break. (The price to pay for not-so-expensive fifth scale vehicles.) So, what are my recommendations for more fun and less down-time grief if you own a Redcat Rampage vehicle like me? One word: SPARES. Look at your manual and put a list of spares together. In it, consider the following:
    • A screw and bolt set for your particular model. This must include all the set screws (or grub screws) that fit your model.
    • A spare set of universal drive joints.
    • A set of rear dogbones.
    • A spare front lower suspension holder.
    MY TIPS:

    By and by, things will break on every Redcat Rampage gas vehicle; and every now and again your running will go awry because of that grub screw falling out of your drive-train system or your gear-case cluster.
    • Pay attention to your center diff shaft and diff gear along those little bolts that hold them together. I superglued the little bolts. I've never had a loose center diff problem since.
    • Locktite those cups from gear-cases into which center dogbones fit. Every now and then when you have a drive-train issue it leads to grub screws that vibrate loose or have fallen out.
    • AFTER EVERY RUN, GIVE YOUR RC VEHICLE A THOROUGH EXAMINATION. That's how you'll catch stuff. That's when the wrenching fun begins.


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