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Revs but won’t move


New Member
Probably only a few hours on the RC. Was out running around last week and all of a sudden it just came to a halt and wouldn’t move, just revved up. I sorta just manually moved it back and forth at the time and it was able to drive again. I put it away and went over it thinking something was loose, everything seemed good. Obviously I must have overlooked something because I took it out today and got about 10 seconds of run time and it did it again. When I rev it up all I hear is like a bell rattle. Any suggestions where I should look at. Thanks for your time.


Well-Known Member
I would check the clutch assembly. If the shoes don't engage, it won't move.
Or maybe one of the gears on the transmission or drive train is loose. I had one of the square block thingies that the gears mount to get stripped and it would just spin around the shaft.
If you bought it new, contact Redcat for replacement parts, mine was covered under warranty when it happened.
(I have an MT though)

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