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Rampage XT wont run correctly


New Member
the truck was ran a bit hard during the break in and blow a hole in the rubber tube from the back of the engin to the exhaust, repalaced that and now it wont run properly. cleaned cab, have hi and low set to factory. starts up but has no power inless you turn the high and low out then it will move on its own power but will stall out when aplying brakes. not sure what eles to check. thanks


New Member
yes. not i a customer A friend of mine... it wasent broke in before it was opened up.
now it will start but when you think its running good while on the stand. put it on the ground and it will bog out then seem like its gonna go then bog out and then stall. then when you restart it its ideling really high.
adjust the high and low a tinny bit and seems to have effect. i have pulled the carb off and cleaned it checked gaskets on the back side of carb all good there. im wondering if its the motor.


Well-Known Member
Did you check to make sure the ignition coil is sending a spark to the spark plug?

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