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Rampage XB Aluminum Rear Wing Mount (710012)


Team Driver
Fremont, CA
Just added this to Rampage XB-E, wondering if anyone else had the issues I had with them, out of the package.

1) The two phillips screwed in pieces that come attached from RedCat were reversed..No big deal, just 4 screws. Made me question my sanity for a minute until I realized they were just wrong from the factory and they were swappable.

2) The top aluminum piece where the wing screws in via M4 screws wasn't tapped - Not sure if it's supposed to be tapped, or if it was just missed.

3) The two long M5 screws that go in from the sides were a little too long and were hitting each other -- maybe the aluminum piece has less material there? I used an M5x10 for one side and then used the original M5x?? (fairly long, didn't measure it) to go in from the other side and thread all the way in to connect the plastic.

4) The 2 M4 screws that go through the shock tower into the aluminum wing mount, one wasn't drilled/tapped long enough and was tough to get in, ended up re tapping it as it was tapped about 5mm too shallow.
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Is this still an issue?

I see that the plastic one is out of stock, anynidea when you will have it back in stock?

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