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Rampage MT Servo Comparison


New Member
Hi All, new to the forum here but knowledgeable and have done my research. This is more informative I suppose. Anyway Currently my Rampage MT Pro (V3) is running a Futaba receiver, 7.4v LiPo upgrade, KillerRC kill switch, DDM Pipe, 8000rpm clutch spring, intake and switched to single servo from one and aftermarket throttle servo.

What I'm here to discuss is the steering Servo. I'm running a Savox 0236MG. works just fine on the single servo steering. I believe I went to this on a post I reviewed from GMan as this was the servo he is or was running at the time on his Rampage MT.

Recently I saw some discussions on the Savox SB2290SG and thought it was interesting that it was significantly smaller, weighed less and is faster. Then throughout my own research notice the new Spektrums to be released this month..... Wowwwzzzzaaaa!!! Holy torque! The Spektrum High Speed and High Torque Servos compared to the Savox I'm running (0236MG) and the Savox 2290SG:

ServoSpektrum RC 9110BLSpektrum RC S9120BLSavox SV-0236MGSavox SB-2290SG
Speed @ 6.0.21/60.29/60.21/60.16/60
Speed @ 7.4.16/60.23/60.17/60.13/60
Speed @ 8.4.14/60.21/60n/an/a
Torque @ 6.0867 oz-in1173 oz-in417 oz-in556 oz-in
Torque @ 7.4982 oz-in1209 oz-in556 oz-in694 oz-in
Torque @ 8.41224 oz-in1453 oz-inn/an/a
Price$ 225.00$ 225.00$ 99.00$ 139.00

So even thought I have my rampage MT running well I'm always open to upgrading. a significant upgrade in steering is well worth it, plus I don't have a backup steering servo so debating what to do here. While I put the cost in the comparison it is not a factor I'm putting into the mix for my purposes but thought I would share especially given the cost of the new Spektrum's.

I'm leaning towards the Spektrums just because they aren't even out yet, but what do you think, running 7.4 do I go for the massive torque at 1209 and sacrifice some speed that I have now or go for the High Speed which is a hair faster than my savox but still almost 300 oz-in more in torque? I was thinking the high speed so I don't lose any speed. Those torque levels are incredible. Any input?

Thanks for your thoughts!


Junior Member
Ya I had decent luck with the Savox 0236. Till I rolled the truck and stripped the teeth inside. I then bought a Spektrum s9020 due to it's incredible specs on paper. It also did pretty good till a good spill. Then it also stripped. I rebuilt that 9020 two times with the same results. It striped the third time I got it out of there. I now use the black case Hilantronics Hercules servo. It has been a year now and still rock solid. Numerous crashes and tumbles.

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