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Rampage MT belt drive

Strait jacket

Has anyone one else tried the belt drive conversion ? I have it on my mt. Its very quiet. No chatter from loud gears. It works great.


New Member
I just ordered a O'Neill motor waiting on that my dune runner v3 motor has gave me nothing but problems from day 1


Well-Known Member
I have one and I personally don't like it, no problems except for the cover does not fit the rampange very well so mud and dirt we're constantly filling it up and after one ride you could not see the belt drive so I run mine without a cover. And it's too high speed I would rather have more low end but the thing is out of sight in a flash. I got mine from Stern on eBay, worst customer support I have ever seen. I received a cracked belt cover and eBay eventually refunded me because they wouldn't help.

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