Rampage MT 2 SPD Transmission:


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Hi Guys,
I'm new to the forum and the new owner of a Rampage Mt. I have a few other 5th scale Buggies and Trucks. I just got my Rampage about 2 weeks ago. I really love the truck. its massive. it dwarfs my Losi DBXL. I took it to a skate park and had some fun with it jumping the truck off every ramp there. The Truck jumps and lands incredible. The only thing Im not real happy with is its lacking the power to really make the truck hole shot well. My truck has a dynamite 29cc. I ordered a Rovan 36cc for it. I have one in another truck and its a beast. I had been doing some research looking for a 2 or 3spd transmission. I found a company that makes a 2 spd transmission for them. I ordered one and i should have it in 2 weeks. Its going to be the longest 2 weeks ever. I'm like a big Kid and I hate waiting. When i get it Installed I will let you guys know how it works out. It looks like a nicely made part. If it works for me. I have become a distributor for the transmission. I will only buy some and keep for inventory if its a good product. and at that point if anyone is interested they can let me know and I will be able to get them whatever they need.
Thanks Frank

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