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I have been building a rampage xbe my current setup is a

tp power tp5850 1500kv
castle xlx
8s power
16t pinion
41t main

So when I run it i can only get a few minutes and I start having heat issues with the esc. I really don’t know enough to read the logging information and know exactly what it telling me my problem is. When I first went into the log it was saying I was revving at 84,000rpm but then I went into the setting and seen it said 1100kv 2pole when the motor is 1500kv 6pole so I made the changes and entered my hearing and now it says I was only turn 11xxxrpm.... My question is where is my issue and can this be all because of gearing??? Unfortunately right now I’m stuck running a 16t pinion because my 7075rc motor mount don’t allow enough room under the motor to rotate it closer to the main gear... If someone that understands the logging info better than me thinks this is my problem than I’m going make a spacer plate to raise my motor mount up higher so that I can run a smaller pinion.


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