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Need a little help with a list of stuff to get..


Junior Member
Hi all my name is Steve and I was suppose to get a RedCat 1/5 truck last year but my wife got laid off from her job but in a nut shell all is good and she is employed again :) Now with that being said I have narrowed it down on getting the MT Pro , but I would like to know for a short list of things to upgrade asap ! I know about the servos but which ones ? How about the radio? is the stock one any good or should I get " Fly sky gt3b " ?? I red on here about the tires/foams blow out ok fine but what should I replace them with ?? I also saw on here about the carb should I just upgrade it now or should I just go with the stock one for now ?? Sorry for so many questions but I have to pick the GREAT minds on here !! :D

Thanks for all the help in advance !!! :)


GTS 666

Senior Member
AUSTRALIA New South Wales.
Welcome Steve I'll try to answer some of your questions that I might have answers for. First is to get a kill switch in case of a runaway. The radio that comes with the new trucks is a 2.4ghz radio system and should be fine. The steering servos should be ok for a while too I would only replace them if they die. The throttle servo should replace with a hitech 645 mg. The tyre foams in the MT aren't a problem they should last ages. The carb should replace with a walbro 668 or 990 only if your having tuning problems as the stock carb is a bit hit or miss I believe. IMO I would go with the MT not Pro and save on the weight and buy a tuned pipe and proline wheels and Tyres with gearing to suit. Hope this helps other members will chime in with things I have missed.


Senior Member
Tucson, Arizona
I'd upgrade the carb now. Like GTS said, you're better off getting the standard MT. All that aluminum adds weight and it will bend in a wreck. Plastic flexes and is cheap to replace.


+1 all good advice. The stock carbs are a crap shoot. They are ok but a bit quirky to tune. It's a good to replace the carb, air filter and intake all at the same time. The MT tire and foams are great. There just heavy. It is the X series tire foams that you might have read that fall apart. Again there are no tire issues with the MT. A lot of guys go to a smaller lighter tire for performance reasons. The stock radio works fine. The gt3b is nice. 3 channels and a 10 car memory. The most important upgrade is a kill switch. The killer bee is available for either a two or three channel radio. A good tuned pipe makes such a huge difference that I also think it should be done first. Jetpro, Dominator, and the CPI all make a good pipe for the MT.

Use the savings from just buying the MT and make it run like a beast! You can add some of that pretty aluminum later. I have learned the hard way that staying with some plastic is better. If you like do drive hard. I've gone through a few aluminum lower front suspension arms and front bearings holders. Keep those plastic, you need some flex.

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