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So I found very little in the way of shock upgrades for the MT.
Not one to give up, I have tried some thing with a bit of success (at least I think so).
I brought some Baja shocks because they are a dime a dozen and as cheap as chips.
Take 1 x set Rovan shocks 8mm. cut 10mm off the threaded end of the shock body on all of them. This will give you more or less the same amount of travel as the MT Ressies. I used the MT rear springs over the Baja front shocks to stiffen the front up. Now you can do two things to mount them to your MT.
  1. Use the ressy top mount on the new shock body with the seal from the baja shock. this makes the reservoir redundant.

  2. Or drill out the baja top mount to 6mm and drill the shock tower and spacer out to 6mm ( this requires a lathe and some skill)
Over all travel once assembled is approx 40mm front and rear.
Works a treat and doesn't lift the inside front wheel on a sharp turn anymore, that's got to mean more traction and faster off the apex.

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