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MT clod tires or larger tires/wheels that work?


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Looking for more aggressive mud tire for hopped up MT....been looking with a lot of it might work, does anyone have a set up that will work?
Thank you!


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I run the factory wheels/tires and my MT is grass fed only. Lol. Good luck on your search.


New Member
I have a new rampage XT that was delivered on Wednesday. still haven’t broken it in yet. And was looking for alternatives to the stock tires, which are OK. I went online to Duratrax, they make all kinds of RC scale tires, All the way up to 1/5 scale. I went in for the Lock up MTs, they are $49 a set of 2.They had a pretty good selection, but there’s one catch they were 24 mm hex hub, and the XT comes with a 18 mm square hub. I searched online and found a company that makes wheel hub adapters I found ones that were made for the 10 mm axle to 24 mm hex. I’m waiting for them to be delivered soon so I can assemble it all for test fitting hopefully it’ll work. The tires are pretty good sized , about an inch bigger in diameter than the stock 7 inch Redcats


metal finisher

green bay wi.
If you want big tires look into primal rc one set is 12” tall the next one is 11” tall but beware they are expensive you’ll need the adapters as well they are 24mm the 11” look very aggressive Iam think about getting a set for my raminator


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