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Hey I'm looking to buy a set of 4 rims and tires for my redcat rampage mt pro. The tires that came with it are alright just a bit older and way out of balance they wobble all over the place. I have the style that are generic monster truck tread but want to buy the other style that the rampage comes with or maybe a nice set of something else if you have anything your selling please email me at [email protected] or post here

Other parts I'm looking for are

Aluminum fly wheel cover
Aluminum pull start handle
Aluminum gas cap
Aluminum bumpers if I can, because I haven't seen any online yet.

Also trying to find a body that's big enough to cover the wheels so that it makes it look like a real truck and have the rims and tires in the wheel wells if anyone knows where that is even possible to get I would pay nice to have it.

Thanks guys any help would be great!

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