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Idol's fine but starting to bust in and out like it has a Governor all of a sudden


New Member
Hope everything is good everyone's way! O have recently purchased a brand new redcat rampage mt v3. Everything was going great and me being illiterate to The dos and don't the rampage is not doing so well anymore lol. first thing I had a small 3s lipo 30c battery that came in a helicopter which had been crashed and used it in place for the power to the receiver thinking it would give a long run Time. Well the first time out after installing it I fired the 32cc 2-stroke up And run it across the Yard then got turned around and headed back to the house. Well the brakes didn't stop the monster in time and hit me side of my shed and turned over on the roof. It didn't do any visible damage to the truck and I simply turned it back over and a couple of pulls and boom fired right back up. When I got it turned around and hit the throttle it started off as it should but then started busting in and out as if all of a sudden it was hitting a rev limiter if that makes sense. So could it be that the battery was to many amp for the receiver and burned it up or is it a carburetor/motor issue from the impact and flipping over on it s Hood. I'm lost this is my first gas big scale truck any help would be much appreciated!


Well-Known Member
That battery could be the issue. If you want to continue using that battery, you will need a in-line voltage regulator to step the battery power down from 12volts to 4.6volts.

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