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For Sale fs modified Recat Rampage MT V3 fifth 1/5 scale monster truck


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Up for sale is my modified Recat Rampage MT V3 fifth scale monster truck hobby grade rc.

I've spent a significant amount of build time, resources, energy, research and tial/ error getting the build spot on.

As much as I love the hobby however I simply do not have time to devote to it anymore.

This particular build was completed during the 2018 winter season. I estimate 2 hours run time on the modified motor and less than 8 hours total on the chassis. Zero bashing. All field running and break in periods.

I estimate horsepower in the 6 hp range. Spent excess of $3000 on this build and much more in build time so its a heck of a deal for someone as I'm asking less than the price of a new pro model. One note I took these pics prior to swapping in the high horsepower g320rc motor (this shows the factory cy motor, fyi). Tks.

Local pickup in pittsburgh pa available. Will pack and ship for added cost.

Asking $1250.

Please email me direct: [email protected]


G320RC 31.8cc 4-Bolt Engine - Complete with Clutch
Spektrum S9020 Steering Servo (1) w/ matching Dynamite DBXL Aluminum Servo Arm 15T
HiTech HS-7954SH High Torque Servo, waterproofed w / plastidip, with matching HiTech 55702 Aluminum Throttle / Brake Servo horn
Futaba aluminum servo mount 050010BFutaba 3PV Telemetry Transmitter Radio with Life 6.6V 1900 mah 2 cell battery pack7.4V LRP 430352 Vtec lipo battery w/JST male to JR Futaba female connector
Aluminum gas cap 050032, w/ custom blue aluminum vent tube
DDM dominator tuned pipe w/ black thermally insulated heat wrap
Custom heat shielding for ddm clear blue fuel lines
DT1 Triple Flow Air filter w / DT1 outerwear's cover
DDM tall velocity stack
NKG CMR7H spark Plug
Killer B remote transmitter motor kill switch
King Motor Baja HPI axel boot covers w/Peak synthetic grease for cva's
Redcat 50913 Blue Body
DDM easy grip body clips - blue
Aluminum roll cage 050018B
Aluminum capped wheel nuts 050031
Aluminum body posts 050015B
Full Force Metallic Blue Shock Outerwear's
Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating on gear cover


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Hi 1st off beautiful truck ,i do have a question and im sorry i wish i could buy it but i just bought a second truck ,if i had seen your then hell ya i would of in a heartbeat,my question and not to be a pain but you said the pictures show the stock motor ,where did you get the aluminum cover that replaces the plastic ,on the top and pull start side of the motor,i think it looks awesome and would like to purchase that if you remember where you got it,thank you very much for your help and good luck selling your truck


Wish this was still for sale I'd buy it right now!

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