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First Runaway



I have two TT-5 buggies, one fully optioned, does more than 70 kmh once wound up.....great for bashing.....fitted with kill switch, (never had to use it).

The other I have just finished fitting the inlet hop ups, 813, stack, DD1 filter, Baja SS tuned pipe, so took her out for a bash....

15 minutes later, it takes off across the bush, between two heavy trees, flips, takes off in another direction flat out!!. By the time I hit the fail safe......it stopped with brakes on hard, but kept leaping forward like the servo was flipping to full on, then back to fail safe.....

Another kill switch on order, (and hitec throttle servo), luckily no damage done. By the way, the buggy is awesome, pulls 35-25-26-24 gears no worries with a stock 26cc with carb/pipe hop ups only..... :D


Junior Member
I have read on the forum about guys tinkering with different gear ratios ,could anyone tell me which one gives the better performance(1) ,changing my gears to dose two gear trani like on demon or (2) changing the gears on the one speed trani the xt came witht.Also if 2 how do i go about this, step by step ,i realy want to give my xt ah good kick


Cedar City, Utah
Kill switch experienc

Not Truck related but I was running nitro boats "back in the day". I saw one boat outrigger actually fly up the bank of the pond and imbed itself into a vehicle windshield at 60 mph! The second time was at a race. I witnessed a nitro boat stick itself into the side of a full sized recovery boat!

All because of receiver batteries low or servo failure or driver error. These things (trucks) can do some real damage to people and property if we are not careful.

I also fly a Phantom Quadcopter. Always use failsafe. If that thing fell out of the sky.....my insurance would never cover me hitting a person or a vehicle.

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