factory xb rear gear box mod


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got around to doing this - my stock rear gear box has 90wt gear oil in it. The lower gear box mating surfaces were high- not flush- surface plate & careful sanding with 100 grit sandpaper flushed them up. lightly roughed up outer bearing surfaces & where input & output bearings rest in case. set these in place with thin film of Devcon 2,500 psi epoxy. applied neat thin film of Permatex Moto seal to case halfs- tightened up gear box cases. let it set several days.-- added a fill hole to diff case. Applied a thin film of Moto-seal to bottom of diff case- Screwed gear box to chassis- let it set a few days.-- I added just enough gear oil to fill the recessed area on the chassis- plus about 4mm above that. Will it leak ? YES.- only where the pinion & output shafts meet the bearings. very little i suspect. I am guessing the trick is-- just enough gear oil--- and while i was at it- cleaned up the diff- new o-rings- 30 k silicone added,-- yup its 30k all right-- i always back off the throttle for a second as i set up a turn.--

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