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Drive shaft pins


So took out the dunerunner out this weekend. Had a great time but Within the first 10 minutes one of the drive pins on the 90mm front/Rear driveshaft popped out so i lost 4wd. No biggie because no diff. so i ran it as a 2wd for the rest of the time. Gyro was working overtime!!!! ran it for another 20 to 30 minutes and then lost throttle. Drive pin on the rear driveshaft popped out. Was able to find that one in the buggy. Now my questionis any tricks to keeping these pins in? Both were installed with quite a bit of blue loctite on the grub screw. Just purchased some more from DDM. Or is there a different driveshaft that would be better? the pins are 4mm x 20mm. Was noticing that some other cars have driveshafts with a 5mm pin upgrade. Thank you in advance!!!

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