Custom XB winter project


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Hi everyone!

Must be winter again so new project. I decided to give the XB a fresh new design and look.

What it looked like (Build Thread here)

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- G320 stock or Full mod OBR G340 Reed
- Jetpro side pipe
- all metal drivetrain
- 7075rc diff cases
- Dual Hitec HS-5805MG steering servos
- new servo brackets
- Custom shock towers
- Redcat/Baja 5B hybrid shocks
- new chassis
- new top plate

Using T6 6061 Aluminum 5 and 6mm thick, I'm making a whole new set of parts leaving the old design parts untouched so I can go back to it anytime I want.
Hi your car is awesome!!!can you please tell me what the black full cage is off of as I have an XT which is the same platform even though I know yours is all custom but I have been customizing mine also but I want to go with that full cage look,any info would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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